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As a comprehensive platform, SkillKeepr provides all the necessary tools for internal retention, external recruitment, reporting and analytics, ensuring data security and compliance, user manual, and system status monitoring. With SkillKeepr, you can achieve maximum recruiter efficiency, improve the hiring experience, and promote growth and collaboration within your organization.

Internal Retention

Discover how your current team's skills have developed and improved in order to better equip them to tackle new challenges and take advantage of new opportunities. Our advanced interface helps keep top talent engaged

internal Retention

External Recruitment

Our platform integrates with LinkedIn to streamline the hiring process and allows verified and qualified candidates to sign in using their LinkedIn profiles. This helps to eliminate spammers and unsolicited third-party submissions

Reporting & Analytics

Our platform promotes a collaborative approach where the whole team is informed about all aspects of the hiring process and everyone can access analytics on a single dashboard at any time.

Data Security and Compliance

Simplify compliance and regulatory requirements by allowing our platform with industry-leading security practices to handle them for you.

User Manual

Improve system efficiency and ease of use by providing tech administrators and platform users with easily accessible and comprehensive documentation

User man

System Reliability

Easily monitor that all systems are running efficiently and aligned with your business goals by having a quick overview.

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