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Join the revolution in tech hiring by using our platform.

Recruiting tech professionals is a challenging task due to the constant need for updated skills and the desire for growth and development among top talent. This is especially difficult in today's job market. SkillKeepr offers a solution to these difficulties by providing a platform that streamlines the hiring process.

Reduce time-to-hire

Reduce Time-to-Hire with Standardized your Resume Format

Our advanced parsing tools save recruiters time by converting resumes into structured and reformatted profiles for easy review. Candidates also have access to their upgraded profile, with a unique URL for each profile

Reduce time-to-hire

Intelligent Search Engine

Intelligent Search Engine to Find the Right Candidate

SkillKeepr's powerful search engine quickly extracts technical information and organizes it into categories such as languages, tools, frameworks, and methodologies. It also creates searchable tags for each category.

Track Talent

Collaborate and Accelerate the Time to Hire

Collaborative selection tools on a centralized dashboard allow for efficient tracking of candidate progress, reducing the time spent reviewing emails

Candidate Screening

Greater Transparency with a Gamified Talent Comparison View

Visual cards displaying categorized skills enable the recruitment team to conduct a side-by-side comparison of multiple candidates, and to create a shortlist through elimination rounds.

Data Insights

Analytics at Every Stage of the Talent Fulfilment Lifecycle

Organizations can benefit from identifying obstacles, finding solutions, and saving time and money by utilizing data insights and accurate reporting metrics.

Retain Talent

Retain Internal Talent

Discover how your current employee's skills have developed so that you can equip them with the tools they need to meet new challenges and take advantage of future opportunities.

Monitor Talent Growth

Monitor Talent Growth

Engage current employees by offering opportunities for skill development, such as recommending courses and certifications that will enhance their competitiveness.

Profile Portal

Internal and External Candidate Profile Portals

Individuals can create, edit and maintain their own profiles using LinkedIn sign-in. This allows them to update their resumes and monitor the progress of their job applications.

DEI Standards

Diversity and Inclusion Compliance at the Candidate Shortlisting Stage

Incorporate DEI features such as obscuring identifying information like name, age, gender and race, during the hiring process, create a more inclusive and equitable workplace

Find Potential Candidates

Create job postings web pages and specific shareable links for posting on external job sites.

Easily post job descriptions created on our platform to external sites by using the URL or PDF on other platforms to find potential candidates.

Seamless Communication

An Integrated Calendar to Manage Schedules Efficiently

Utilize SkillKeepr's integrated calendar to organize the schedules of all stakeholders and facilitate smooth communication with the candidate.

Power-Packed Proctoring

An Integrated Proctoring Module

Our proctoring module, offers video interviewing, code testing, recruiter support, and a decision-making system all in one place.

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