10 Powerful Features to Supercharge your Hiring Process

Elevate Your Tech Recruitment Game

Streamlined Resume
Standardization with
State-of-the-Art NLP Parser

Bid farewell to scattered resumes. Our parser efficiently arranges skills, stacks, and formats, converting disorder into precision in mere moments.

Intelligent Candidate
Discovery through
Cutting-Edge AI
Suggestion Engine

Our talent recommendation engine navigates  through countless resumes, delivering the ideal match for the job within seconds.

Streamlined Candidate
Selection via One-Way
and Live Video Interviews

Elevate interaction with our tailored platform for remote
and real-time interviews, complete with integrated assessments.

Stay Linked with
Candidates through
the Talent Portal

Effortlessly manage, connect, and engage with your active and passive talent pool. Easily spot talent and expedite the filling of vacancies.

Boost Efficiency
with our Integrated
Team Calendar

Synchronize with the hiring team’s enterprise calendar, allowing candidates to automatically identify and book interview slots.

Operational Streamlining
with Collaborative

Optimize business processes with streamlined workflows, fostering smoother and faster collaboration across the enterprise.

Advanced Recruiter
Q&A Support

Access skill-specific and customizable question library to enhance tech interview confidence for recruiters and reduce time-to-hire.

Effective Talent
Evaluation through
Code Assessments

Conduct real-time, tailored coding tests featuring live
video recording and automated/manual grading for precise assessments.

Informed and Engaging
Hiring with Candidate

Scorecards provide recruiters and hiring teams with insightful evaluations, feedback, and rankings for optimal talent selection.

Decision-Making with
Recruitment Process Analytic

Gain valuable insights into your hiring operations with analytics crucial for optimizing team efficiency and project planning.

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