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Optimize the Power of Lever with SkillKeepr

Effortless Resume
Standardization with
Cutting-Edge NLP Parser

Say goodbye to disparate resumes. Our parser swiftly organizes skills, stacks, and formats, transforming chaos into clarity in no time at all.

Smart Candidate
Discovery with Advanced
Suggestion Engine

Our talent recommendation engine sifts through millions of resumes,
presenting you with the perfect fit for the job in seconds.

Simplified Candidate
Selection with One-Way and
Live Video Interviews

Enhance engagement with our
customized platform for remote,
and real-time interviews with
integrated assessments.

Stay connected with
candidates through
the Talent Portal

Manage, connect, and converse
with your active and passive talent
base. Easily find talent and fill vacancies faster

Enhance Efficiency
with our Integrated
Team Calendar

Sync with the hiring team’s
enterprise calendar, allowing candidates to automatically identify and book interview slots.

Streamline Operations
with Collaborative

Optimize business operations with streamlined workflows,
fostering seamless collaboration across the enterprise.

Enhanced Recruiter
Q & A

Skill-specific and customizable
question library to boost tech
interview confidence, , save time
in finding relevant questions for
each candidate.

Efficient Talent
Evaluation with Code

Conduct real-time, customized
coding tests featuring live video
recording and automated/manual
grading for precise assessments.

Informed and Interactive
Hiring with Candidate

Scorecards offer recruiters and
hiring teams’ insightful evaluations,
feedback, and rankings for optimal
talent selection.

Data-driven decisions
with Recruitment
Process Analytics

Say goodbye to disparate resumes. Our parser swiftly organizes skills, stacks, and formats, transforming chaos into clarity in no time at all.

Leverage The Power Of SkillKeepr

Unlock Tech Talent Faster, Untangle Long Recruitment Processes: Your SkillKeepr Advantage

In the race to secure top tech talent, every moment counts. Candidates now expect more than just standard emails; they desire engaging experiences. Recruiters, already juggling multiple tasks, can find themselves overwhelmed with resume reviews and interviews while striving to maintain a seamless candidate journey.

That’s where SkillKeepr comes in. We understand that recruiters have a lot on their plate, and our user-friendly tool is designed with you in mind. SkillKeepr streamlines the hiring process, ensuring a smoother candidate experience and allowing you to focus on what truly matters: connecting with top tech talent.

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