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Find the perfect match

If you think searching for specific talents is like shooting in the dark. SkillKeepr is here to change your mind. Our proprietary software will quickly scan all of your internal and external candidates to find the ideal candidates that fit your IT requirements.


Access everything important in a few clicks

Right from knowing your job pipeline, and available talent, setting up interviews and administering code tests, integrating all you need to do with your calendar in a single view.

Candidates Stack

See how your candidates stack up

With SkillKeepr's card view, easily compare individual candidates for each JD, shortlist them, and share their profiles with the hiring team to keep everyone on the same page.

Track & Share

Share your recruitment success with others

Our shared dashboards, available across all roles, can help you track, share, and collaborate over your KPIs and successes across the board.

Find the perfect fit

Find the perfect fit

Our data-based approach that defines, catalogs, and matches your needs with internal and external candidate's capabilities ensures you hit the bull's eye every time.

Love the cards

Win with the cards you’re dealt

A gamified "card" view of each shortlisted candidate displays side-by-side views of critical candidate information at a glance.

Work with your team

Get quick reviews from your colleagues

Don't wait around to have each team member make their assessment. Our platform empowers your colleagues and collaborators in the hiring process to assign badges to candidates that they feel are best for the job.

Share potential fits

At each level, evaluate.

Candidate selection is not a solo job. Shortlist your candidates based on your understanding of their skills and capabilities, and then forward them to the others on your team.

Simple onboarding

Minimum process, maximum engagement.

Don't burden yourself with arduous processes. Simply invite employees to create a profile via email through an interface with Microsoft Exchange that makes it easy and secure for you to invite everyone to keep the company up to date on all they can do.

Potential fits

Fine-tune to see potential fits

Hiring IT talent is a complicated process with technical nuances that further lengthen the hiring process. However, settling for a close-enough fit isn't the answer. Let our platform separate skills, tools, and certificates to assist the hiring team in assessing the right fit for the job.

Quick scan

A standard resume format that eases the process

Our platform simply takes the applicant's data and offers up a visually optimized, standard format that makes scanning through it easy for hiring managers.

Keep your team involved

Activate your internal talent pool

Empower your employees to come back at any time to update and edit their expertise, education, certifications, and work experience.

Candidate profiles

Easily collect external candidate profiles

Source all your candidate's data from their LinkedIn profiles, making it easy for them to apply for the job while preventing individual recruiters from bombarding you.

Fine-tune potential candidates

Focus on your needs and get a candidate to fit the bill

Save on time-to-hire by distinctly separating skills, tools, and certifications, the hiring team can easily assess how close someone is to the ideal fit.

Resume format

Scan through applicants in a jiffy

Get all of your applicant's data in a much more visually optimized standard format that makes viewing and assessing easy.

Future opportunities

Store talents for future opportunities in your database

Candidates can come back at any time to update and edit their expertise, education, certifications, and work experience. If they're not a good fit for what you have today, they may be perfect for the search you'll do tomorrow.

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